Servus und Herzlich Willkommen zu

I started my culinary career in 1984 in my birth city of Erlangen at the Gasthof Schwarzer Bär. Erlangen is known for two things, being the headquarters of Siemens and the largest Biergarten in Europe. The “Berg Kirchweih” was established in 1755 and is fifty-five years older than the Munich October Fest. It has 11,000 outside seats and is a blast for the 12 days it’s open per year.

I followed my sister to the US in the early 90’s and have had the honor of working at the area’s best Country Clubs, Resorts and Golf Courses. Once I found out we are expecting our daughter Mikayla,

I hung up the apron and went to work for a local foodservice company. This was to allow me to be able to spend more time with the family.

The dream of one day owning my own restaurant never left my mind. The concept, menu and style of the restaurant has been a clear vision for the past 30 years and it took until September 2023 to finally make it happen.

Germany’s culinary map is extremely regional; however, the ingredients are not. The South is known for their amazing roasts, but also for a very lite cuisine influenced by Italy. The North is known for their bountiful Seafood dishes from the northern Sea but is also impacted by the Scandinavian Countries. To the West, inspirations from classic French cuisine are apparent, while to the East the hearty cooking of Poland provides a strong present. You may recognize many ingredients, but the preparation and presentation however will be pure German.

We know you have many other choices when you dine out. We couldn’t be more honored, and proud that you have chosen to spend your time with us. Our team works hard every day to bring you the highest level of service and quality of food available.  

            Danke, Christian Räth & the entire Spargel on Nine Team